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Based in the heart of Santorini, SANTORINI LUXURY ROSES team planning the best room decoration for any occasion.
Imagine arriving in your hotel room and find out a room full of rose petals, balloons and candles. A romantic surprise set up awaiting your loved one. Contact with us and let us organize the best birthday surprise room decoration few minutes before you arrive in your hotel.
Enjoy some romantic moments with your loved one, either you have found your other half and you are ready to make a wedding proposal to or even to have the best birthday party we are here to make these moments unforgettable. Ask our advise for the best hotel room decoration anytime you want and we will be there to guide you. Μake your next anniversary special in Santorini!
We will organize the best bachelor party or bachelororette for you and your friends. Advise us for your honeymoon room decoration than your mate will love it. We create, you celebrate. This is our moto. We will take care every detail of you so your vacation in Santorini will be unforgettable and unique. Its time to get away with your soul mate with one of our exclusive Room Packages!Don’ t hesitate to ask us whatever you have dreamed of and we will help you to organize it.

Celebrate your Anniversary with our unique Room Packages in the most romantic island all over the world!
Celebrate your loved ones' birthday by getting the hotel room decorated with balloons everywhere in the room and big surprise gift boxes.
Romantic Surprises
Imagine arriving in your hotel room and the first thing you see while opening the door is a room full of roses and candles.
Planning an unforgettable proposal at your hotel room during your vacation!
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We are a hotel room decoration service company which located in Santorini and decorates all the hotels and villas for any occasion and celebration.Let us plan everything down to the smallest details! We will handle all the special package arrangements to decorate your hotel room and creating a romantic atmosphere for your special someone. No matter what the occasion, we will be able to help you making your days in the island memorable!

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